How to remove the blower impeller?

1. Using the impeller disassembler: If there is a fan impeller disassembler on site, you can directly press down the fan shaft on the fan impeller disassembler to complete the disassembly of the fan impeller. This method is the simplest and safest. In general, the operation time is only 1-2 hours.
2. Making the jack reaction force frame disassembly: If there is a disassembly hole on the hub of the fan impeller, you can make a jack reaction force frame and disassemble the impeller. The specific method is:
1. Prepare the lead screw corresponding to the disassembly hole on the hub;
2. Make a jack base bracket for connecting the tail end of the screw rod;
3. Prepare hydraulic jack, the diameter of the jack is smaller than the shaft diameter;
4. The jack is pressurized to push the hub impeller out of the shaft;
5. At the same time, use the roasting gun to slowly heat the fan hub evenly;
6. If the top does not move for one time, the temperature of the axis may rise. When the temperature of the hub drops to normal temperature and then reheat, there is a temperature difference before there is an expansion gap.
7. Repeat the above, pay attention to hang the impeller in the fan casing with a hoist to prevent it from falling.