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The materials used for Fan Housing in the market are no longer limited to the steel or pig iron.Our production of Fan Housing is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel, since the characteristic of lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloy is gradually used in current.Blowers are widely used for ventilation, dust exhaust and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships, and buildings.For example, ventilation and induced air for boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation in air conditioning and household appliances; grain drying and selection; wind tunnel and hovercraft Inflation & propulsion, etc.The Fan Housing is asks to show high specifications in appearance, performance, assembly and other aspects, regardless of the general requirement.

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Low Price Fan Housing Made in China

1.Fan Housing Introduction

Blowers can be classified into several types according to their materials. Such as iron casing (common blower), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and so forth.
The manufacturing of the Fan Housing is adopted four kinds of casting processes: sand casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, and die casting.
The process selection of specific qualitative is based on customer's technical standards, and then selects the reasonable production process.
At present, our Fan Housing production is matched with the customer's ventilation and cooling equipment, The material is mainly aluminum alloy, and the annual usage is 1,500PCSs!
There is a rigorous production process from blank to machining process.
In the casting process, we focus on mold design, pouring temperature, aluminum and molten steel clarity (exhaust gas, slag removal), pouring speed, blank surface treatment.
In the manufacturing process, we also consider the rationality and stability of fixture design, the machining precision of critical dimensions, the rationality of turnover (method, protection, etc.), and the standard packaging and pallet methods to the final shipment.

2.Fan Housing Parameter (Specification)

Production Process




sand casting

ASTM A356.2



Complex structure

Equipment lightweight



Wind Turbine

gravity casting

Good heat dissipation

low pressure casting

Strong corrosion resistance

die casting


Wide range of applications


3.Fan Housing Feature And Application

The blower is a driven fluid machine that relies on the input mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas.
The general term for gas compression and gas conveying machinery can be called ventilator, blowers, and wind generators in China.
At present, the Fan Housings on the ventilation equipment that our company provides turbine types for customers are including in centrifugal, axial flow, mixed flow, cross flow, etc.
There are main features as follow.
Centrifugal blower: Higher pressure, but lower air volume
axial flow blower: Higher air volume, but lower pressure
mixed flow blower: Air volume and pressure between centrifugal and axial blower
cross flow blower: Higher pressure with contraction airflow
performance parameters: flow, pressure, power, efficiency and speed.

4.Product Details

Production Process: gravity casting/ low pressure casting/ die casting + machining + surface treatment
Materials: aluminum alloy ASTM A356.2/ZL102/ZL104/ADC12
Surface treatment: shot blast, spray paint, oxidation
Surface requirements: customize


5.Product Qualification

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Product photo:

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6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving

Transportation: by sea, by rail, by air
Shipping: pallets (plywood or fumigated wood), wooden case + lid + carton + corner protector + PE film
Delivery: FOB Ningbo or Shanghai recommend


Workshop photos: Machining equipment & Pouring


How many staffs do you have in your factory?
How far is your factory from the Shanghai airport?
How long it will take from shanghai to your factory?
Three hours
Where is your factory located?
If OEM is acceptable?
Do you provide sample? Free or charge?
A small number can be provided free of charge, and a large number needs to be charged
What is your MOQ?
MOQ 10000pcs
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
trading company
How long is your delivery time of off-season?
45 days
How long is your delivery time in peak season?
60 days
What's your way of trading?
What are your payment terms?
TERMS OF PAYMENT:30% In Adv. and 70% before shipment it by TT
What is your trading currency?
US dollars, Euro
Do you accept Forwarders appointed by customers?

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